About This Is It Stores

Who are we?

Welcome to the Official home of This Is It Stores, we are a local Discount Store based in the South West. As you may already know This Is It Ltd is a privately owned, small chain of bargain retail stores located in the South West of England. Our first store opened its doors 20 years ago in the coastal town of Paignton. After 12 years of trading we were finally in a situation where we were able to open our second store, then due to the success of both of these stores, within a year we opened up another two stores; one in Barnstable and one in Exeter which became big successes.

On to the next following year and we were in process of opening up another two stores in Poole and Taunton, things were going great and business was moving fast until we visited the Poole store. The shop was an old Woolworths building and we were very much looking forward to calling it our new store, the size and layout of the building was perfect for what we wanted; there was room to place all of our stock from Toys & Gifts, Outdoor Leisure to Gardening Tools & Equipment plus Christmas Decorations and so much more great branded products at our famous value prices. After a few minutes of roaming the building we decided to venture upstairs towards the fire exit on the roof, bearing in mind on this day the weather was well below zero degrees and very windy. We thought we’d be smart and put a fire extinguisher against the door in order to keep it open so we could have a good look around and take in the area, moments later… The extinguisher falls over and lets the door slam shut, it’s windy, minus 8 degrees and we’re now stuck on the roof of our new building in artic weather. We relentlessly tried calling the agent but no answer, it took us a good 3 hours to get in contact with him but by that time we already looked and felt like frozen preserves trying to escape the tin.

 Since then we’ve tried to stay away from property and turned our efforts towards creating an online store which features the majority of our product lines that you see in store. We have departments in all categories of retail. Our lines feature Home and Kitchen Furniture, Appliances and Accessories; Electrical goods from Record Players & Bluetooth Speakers to Phone & Tablet Accessories; Garden and Outdoor selections from Planting & Potting to Ornaments & Lighting; Camping and Sports equipment from Tents & Air beds to Netball stands & Trampolines and we also feature a great range of Kid’s Games and Toys including officially branded merchandise such as Disney, Barbie, Games Hub, Toyrific and TY Soft Toys.

 Our aim at This Is It, is to consistently offer great quality product lines at discounted rates, ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied with their orders. We have grown our business through honesty, transparency, enthusiasm and supporting each other by treating everyone with respect and kindness enusring all of our customers receive a great sense of fairness when dealing with us. 20 years of these values have secured us in the position where we are now and we will continue to offer the best possible service to everyone. 

What customers have said about us?


"Execellent All Round!"

"I was sceptical at first as I had no previous experience of this seller or knew of anyone who had. The price of the item ( air bed) was very low compared to other sellers of the same item. However I was very pleased to receive it as promised and exactly as advertised. I will not hesitate to shop here again in future. Great service and great price."

Sarah Dixon

"Awesome service and delivery."

"Ordered an air bed that was a great brand but half the price and they delivered to a campsite 6 miles off lands end and texted to let let me know when it was coming. Couldn't have asked for more excellent service will definitely buy from here again."

"Brilliant beach chairs."

"I ordered two low beach chairs. They were on offer and they are a bargain. They are low to the ground and very comfortable and don't cut into the backs of your legs like the deckchairs do. We haven't tried them out at the beach yet but I can't wait to sit in mine. They also come in there easy to carry bag and there so light in weight as well. A real gem of a find."