ToyStar Mini Golf Training Set

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ToyStar Mini Golf Training Set
Junior Golf Swing Trainer ToyStar Mini Golf Training Set Golf Training Set For Juniors ToyStar Mini Golf Training Set Junior Golf Practice Toy Golf club is a perfect size for ages 5+ Years Interchangeable drive & wedge heads Club is height adjustable for growing golfers
Junior Golf Swing Trainer
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    Key Features

  • Golf training toy is great fun for golfers aged 5 years and up
  • Easy to operate – step on the pedal to load a ball onto the tee
  • Hit up to 15 balls in a row without having to go and fetch them
  • Includes height adjustable club with 2 interchangeable heads
  • Plastic balls are perfect for hitting inside or outside the home

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Product Description

Product Description

Little golfers will love mastering their swing with this Junior Golf Training Set. The set comes with a cool contraption that loads balls onto the tee when you press down on the pedal. Once you’ve taken a shot, step on the pedal again and another ball will roll down for your next one. It’s great fun for kids because they can hit ball after ball without having to go and fetch them.

Height adjustable club with 2 heads

The golf training set includes a plastic golf club which is height adjustable for growing golfers aged 5 years and over. Two interchangeable golf club heads are also included, enabling children to change the technique with which they hit the balls. The plastic drive head and chunkier wedge head simply screw onto the end of the club for easy installation.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor play

15 lightweight plastic balls are included with the training set. The balls are coloured white with a dimpled surface to resemble professional golf balls. The only difference is that they’re much, much lighter, making them suitable for hitting inside the home. Once children have finished playing, they can store the balls in the base of the golf machine to stop them going missing.

How to use the golf machine in 5 simple steps

  • Load the plastic balls onto the slide and then step on the pedal.
  • Wait for the drawbridge to drop down and a ball to roll down it.
  • Once the ball has rolled onto the tee, release foot from the pedal.
  • Once the drawbridge has gone back up, you can swing and hit the ball.
  • Once you’ve hit the ball, reload another by stepping on the pedal.

Features & Specifications

  • Junior Golf Training Machine by Toy Star
  • Easy to operate – press foot down on pedal to reload
  • Ball automatically rolls down onto the rubber tee
  • Rubber tee designed to withstand the hardest swing
  • Club is height adjustable for different age groups
  • Adjustable to 3 heights: 66cm, 56cm, 46cm (excluding head)
  • 2 interchangeable plastic heads (drive and wedge)
  • 15 lightweight balls for indoor and outdoor play
  • Easy under-unit storage for balls and golf club heads
  • Great for aspiring golfer aged 5+ years

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