1200W 25L Ash Vacuum Cleaner

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1200W 25L Ash Vacuum Cleaner
1200W 25L Ash Vacuum Cleaner - De Vielle Easily Transportable Ask Vacuum De Vielle Fire Side Product Ash Vacuum Has 25L Capacity
1200W 25L Ash Vacuum Cleaner - De Vielle
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The owner - 5 months ago
Fast delivery. Item as it was described. I only used it for the ashes of the wood burner only, I only turned it on for 5 minutes and the top lid got hot very quick. I haven't used it for blowing the leaves. It does good job for the ashes.
clive - 5 months ago
Read reviews, bought the product. best thing I've bought in ages. saves no end of time and effort.
Peter Jason - 6 months ago
Hose too short, and not on wheels, otherwise very good

    Key Features

  • 2 chambers for large and fine dust: 16 litre and 9 litre
  • Triple filter system to collect different gradients of dust
  • Durable aluminium nozzle provides maximum efficiency
  • Fold down carry handle for easy transportation
  • Mess-free way to remove ash from fireplace or BBQ

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Product Description

Product Description

25 litre De Vielle Double Chamber Ash Vac. Quick and easy cold ash removal. Ideal for fireplace or BBQ. Mess free. Simple disposal. Stylish stainless steel design. Heavy-duty nozzle. 2 chambers for large and small particles. 3 filter system for maximum performance. 

De Vielle, makers of arguably the best ash vacuum on the market, are proud to present an even more powerful and efficient model. 

Unlike other ash vacuum cleaners, this stainless steel design has two chambers and a triple filtration system to separate medium, fine and ultra-fine particles. This ensures maximum efficiency, turning a messy twenty minute chore into a clean five minute exercise. 

Why should I buy this ash vacuum cleaner?

De Vielle are one of the top designers of fireside products and offer a full customer service helpline. It's a service you'll struggle to find with smaller brands. They also come recommended by leading stove and fireplace suppliers. 

How De Vielle beats other ash vacs on the market:

  • Triple filtration system: This particular model is even more effective at securing fine particles of dust to prevent you spilling or inhaling them. Whereas previous designs featured a micro-fibre net and HEPA filter for ultra-fine dust, this model has a wire mesh to stop bigger lumps damaging the system.
  • Efficient aluminium nozzle: Simply direct the nozzle at the remnants of your fire, switch the unit on and, voila, it will suck up everything from dusty ash to small lumps of wood or coal.
  • Fully lined hose: The ash hoover's hose is lined with aluminium to prevent sharp debris tearing through.
  • Easy to empty: Simply take off the top chamber, remove the filters and shake the dust into your bin. You can then tip the top and bottom chamber over your bin to remove other residue. All filters can be washed in the sink, ensuring maximum efficiency next time round.
  • Durability: To ensure reliability and longevity, De Vielle has designed their ash vacuum cleaners using high-quality components. 

Can't I just use my hoover?

Using a normal hoover as an ash remover is an absolute no, no. Your average vacuum cleaner isn't designed to suck up large lumps of charred coal or logs. They can damage the system and tear the hose. Even ultra-fine particles of ash can get into a hoover's components and cause irreparable damage, which is why De Vielle design their ash vacuums with double or triple filtration systems.

  • Supplied with 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Read all instructions and warnings before use.
  • Only use to hoover up cold ash.


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