Domovoi 800W Ash Vacuum Cleaner 15L

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Domovoi 800W Ash Vacuum Cleaner 15L
800W Electric Ash Vacuum Cleaner With Blower Ash Vacuum With Washable Filter BBQ Ash Vacuum Cleaner Charcoal Ash Vacuum Cleaner Ash Vacuum With Metal Lined Hose
800W Electric Ash Vacuum Cleaner With Blower
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Lynn Smith - 2 months ago
Did not even try to use it as I had been sent a very used filthy machine-possibly cement dust.
mrs somerville - 3 months ago
Well worth money and saves dust going everywhere
Anne-claude Mills - 4 months ago
clogged up straight away. Huge waste of money

    Key Features

  • Make light work of clearing ash from fireplaces, stoves and BBQs
  • 2 layer filtration system with reusable mesh filter and HEPA filter
  • 100cm flexible steel hose with crevice head to reach tight corners
  • Powerful 800W motor unit and bagless 15 litre steel ash container
  • Click release clips to easily open up the ash vac and clean it out

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Product Description

Product Description

This powerful 800W ash vacuum cleaner makes light work of clearing ash from fireplaces, barbecues, log burners, garden chimineas and much more. Forget about cleaning ash with a dustpan and brush because this amazing contraption sucks it up without leaving any mess on your carpet for you to clean up after. The lightweight ash vac comes with all the kit you need to use it, including an attachable crevice head and a fire-retardant, reusable HEPA filter.

Why use an ash vac?

Have you tried cleaning your fireplace with a regular vacuum cleaner? Those tiny ash particles and charred logs and coals can puncture the rubber hose, burn out the motor and cause irreparable damage. In other words, if you haven’t tried it, don’t. An ash vac is designed to clear ash without incurring any damage. If you’re a builder, it’s also great for cleaning sawdust.

100cm steel lined flexible hose

How do you make a hose that’s strong enough to withstand damage but flexible enough to reach the deepest nooks and crannies of your fireplace, wood burner or barbecue? The 100cm hose supplied with the ash vac is lined with coiled steel. This gives it the flexibility of a regular vacuum hose but is strong enough to withstand sharp particles travelling through it at speed.

HEPA Filter and Mesh Filter

The ash vac features a double filtration system to prevent dust filtering into the air. The mesh filter helps to prevent larger particles, such as partially charred logs or coals, from puncturing the more delicate HEPA filter which is contained within. The HEPA filter stops microscopic particles from burning out the motor fan. Both filters can be rinsed clean and reused again.

Other notable features

The ash container has a 15 litre capacity to easily hoover the contents of a large fireplace. We recommend attaching the crevice nozzle head to clean the tightest corners. The ash vac has a 120cm cable for easy manoeuvrability. The cable is fitted with a 3-pin plug for a standard UK mains plug socket. The ash vac also has a blower function to clear leaves from your garden.

Cleaning out the ash vac

Cleaning out the ash vac is easy and can be done without spilling any ash on your floor (welcome news if you own a plush, white carpet). Simply take the ash vac outside, undo the click release clips and lift the motor unit from the top of the ash container. Empty the container into a bin and thoroughly rinse the filters. Once done, simply put the ash vac back together.


  • 15 litre ash vacuum cleaner (washable)
  • Mesh filter (washable)
  • HEPA filter (washable)
  • 800W motor unit
  • Attachable crevice head


  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Power: 800W
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Capacity: 15 litres


  • Domovoi 15L Ash Vacuum Cleaner 800W
  • Clean ashes from log burners, wood stoves, BBQs and more
  • 2 layer filtration system to stop dust filtering into air
  • Mesh filter and HEPA filter are washable and reusable
  • 100cm steel lined flexible vacuum hose
  • Attachable crevice head to reach the tightest corners
  • Handle to easily pick up and carry around
  • Click release clips to easily empty the ash vac out
  • 120cm power cable with UK 3-pin plug
  • Ash vac should only be used to clean cold ash
  • Size (cm): H32 x W25 x D25 (without hose)

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