It isn’t until you’ve owned a folding table that you realise just how useful they are. Compact when folded and easy to transport, they can be stored away and brought out to play whenever you need them most. They’re perfect for using anytime, anyplace, and anywhere.

Our 6ft trestle tables have a heavy-duty plastic construction with sturdy locking legs, an easy-fold design and a durable plastic handle to comfortably carry. They can seat up to six people and have a weight capacity of 100kg. Here we list a few of the things they’re really useful for.

Use the folding tables for weddingsfolding table wedding

Weddings are an expensive business. With so many guests in attendance, finding an affordable way to seat everyone can be a serious challenge. Our tables are a super solution. Place multiple tables lengthways and push them together to create the illusion of one long table. Dress them with organza tablecloths and floral decorations for a beautiful, elegant finish. 

Use the folding tables for extra guests

Are you putting on a family feast but lack the space to seat everyone? Fear not. Whether you’re hosting your family at Christmas or throwing a summer barbecue, our tables are perfect for providing some extra seating space. Throw a decorative tablecloth over the top and – voila!


6ft folding table with benches


Use the folding tables for buffets and barbecues

It isn’t every day you throw a buffet so it isn’t really practical to have a big solid table for such occasions. They’re cumbersome and almost impossible to store away. Our folding tables are a great alternative with plenty of room for cutlery, condiments, napkins and food. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they’re great for using in the garden if you’re serving up a barbecue.

Use the folding tables for car boot sales

Summer is the season for beach trips, barbecues and, yes, car boot sales. If you’re putting on a boot sale, you need a large space to display all of your unwanted relics. Our tables are ideal because you can fit them in your car, easily set them up and quickly pack them away.

Use the folding tables for conferences

And so comes the annual general meeting. Your business has grown two-fold over the last year and so have the number of departmental managers. The question is, where will everyone sit? On some of our tables of course. They’re a life-saver at large conferences and meetings!


Use the folding tables for table top gaming

For an epic battle, you need an epic battlefield. Sure, you could use your dining table, but if you haven’t finished your game and plan to come back to it tomorrow, where are you going to eat? Whether you play Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer or board games like Carcassonne, our tables are great for gaming. Plus, you can use multiple tables to expand your battlefield.

Use the folding tables for wallpapering

If you’re wallpapering a room, you’ll be relieved to have one of our tables knocking around in your garage. Their spacious flat surface is ideal for laying wallpaper on when you’re pasting up and redecorating. It beats using your carpet as wallpaper paste is a nightmare to clean off.

Use the folding tables for catering and hospitality

If you’re in the catering and hospitality field, you’ll need an awful lot of tables when hosting your events. When folded away, you can neatly stack several tables on top of one another so that they don’t take up too much room in storage. Plus, they’re sensational value for money.

Folding tableFolding tableFolding table











These are just a few of the benefits of foldable tables. Trust us, they’re handy for a whole lot more. Our 6ft folding trestle tables are available with next day dispatch on orders made before 12pm. We also sell matching folding benches which are ideal if you’re using them to sit at.