Decorate Your Home On Your Budget 


Decorate Your Home on a Budget

 The cold weather and dark nights make January a perfect time to spruce up your home. Even if you’re feeling the pinch after Christmas, it’s possible to beautify your home on a budget and make those winter nights in all the more enjoyable. Subtle changes, such as a piece of furniture or decoration for your wall, can give your home a new lease of life and make it a more pleasant space to rest and relax in.


 Adding warmth to rooms

Curtains are a great way to create a cosy winter retreat. The beauty of thermal curtains is that you can leave them up all year round. During the summer, they reflect sunlight to stop rooms overheating. Over the winter, they stop heat escaping to keep rooms warm and snug. Available in a variety of sizes, styles and colours, they’re an attractive way to insulate your home and reduce your heating costs.

Grey Linea Thermal Blackout Curtains (117cm x 137cm) are available for £19.99. 

Beige Linea Thermal Blackout Curtains (117cm x 137cm) are available for £19.99.


Grey Linea Thermal Blackout Curtains


You can also use lighting to add instant warmth to rooms. Ceiling lights can make rooms look far too bright – the last thing you need when you’re trying to sit back, relax and let your worries drift away. Contemporary table lamps, string lights and candles emit a softer, warmer glow to create a more tranquil living space. There are all sorts of designs available to complement your existing furniture and décor.


3 x Flameless Flickering Real Wax LED Candles


Clearing rooms of clutter

One of the biggest dilemmas we’re faced with after Christmas is where to put all of our presents. Storage cabinets and shelving units are a great way to organise your belongings, declutter your home and create a more pleasant space to live in. Bathroom cabinets with a clean white finish provide a smart space for toiletries whilst chests of drawers and bedside tables can be used to store clothes and jewellery.


Shelving units are perfect for displaying books, CDs and DVDs. Some even have integrated cupboards to hideaway those board games you won’t play again until next Christmas. Storage cubes are a top choice if you’re looking for space-saving storage because you can stack them on top of one another. You can use the cubes to store things or decorate them with photos and objects to create an attractive feature.


Christow White 4 Drawer 1 Door Bathroom Cabinet is available for £47.99.

Christow Oak Effect 2 Drawer Nightstand for £29.99 (RRP: £59.99).

Christow 3 Shelf Storage Unit with Cupboard for £27.99 (RRP: £49.99)

Christow 3 Shelf Wooden Storage Unit With Cupboard


Making your home more comfortable

 Pillows and cushions are a simple way to make your home more cosy. Not only are they comfortable to sit back and lean on, but they help to add colour and character to rooms. You don’t even need to place them on a chair or sofa. Piling them up beside a hearth allows you to create a snug space to sit back, soak up the warmth of your fire and let your worries drift away. They’re also great for turning a bed into a sofa.


There’s more to comfort than a couple of cushions, though. Comfort is also about how content you feel. If a room is bland or boring, you’re not going to enjoy spending time there. Adding homely touches will transform it into a far more inviting space to rest, relax and entertain. From a wall clock to a framed photo, there are lots of things you can do to make your home more comfortable and stamp some personality.


Triple Ascot Wall Clock, Photo Frame & Mirror Set is available for £12.99.

Square Reserved For Dad Cushion 40cm for £6.99

'Home Is Where The Dog Is' Sparkly Sequin Cushion for £9.99

Reversible Sequin Cushion Home Is Where The Dog Is

If you have bought one of our home products we would love to see how you have incorporated it within your home. Whether it’s a new piece of furniture or a simple home accessorie, we’d love to see the difference our products make to your home.

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