VW Camping Set Up

Volkswagen enthusiasts rejoice!

Trail Outdoor Leisure has teamed up with the German car manufacturer to create a range of outdoor chairs, windbreaks and pop-up tents which are inspired by the iconic T2 campervan. Exclusive to This Is It Stores, each product features a V-shaped print emblazoned with the famous VW logo. The VW camping accessories are great for adding some retro style to campervanning, camping and festival adventures.

VW Windbreak

Available in a choice of colours, this sturdy 5 pole windbreak is perfect for shielding you from the wind when you’re relaxing down the beach or outside your camper. It’s also brilliant for blocking out the view of neighbouring campers so that you can chill, chat and dine in privacy. The windbreak measures 4.4m by 1.2m and can be rolled up to easily store and carry.


 VW Camping Chair

Designed with a mesh cup holder to keep a cold drink by your side, this camping chair is a super choice for chilling in the sunshine. The chair has a tubular steel frame which folds up for simple storage and includes a shoulder bag to easily carry. As the cheapest chair in the VW collection, it’s perfect if you’re looking to buy multiple chairs for a family camping trip.


VW Deluxe Camping Chair 

Like the entry level VW camping chair, this deluxe version has a cup holder to keep a refreshing beverage within easy reach when you’re relaxing. It’s also foldable with a bag to store and carry. Unlike the entry level chair, it has a higher back for enhanced support and 20mm sponge padding for luxury comfort when you’re lounging in the sunshine. Bliss.

 VW Camping Set Up

VW Low Folding Chair 

This low folding chair is custom-made for lazing down the beach. Sure, it folds away like other chairs in the VW collection but the comparisons end there. With a seat that sits just 10cm from the ground, it’s far lower to kick back and relax on. It’s a bit like sitting on the floor, only it’s much more comfortable and there’s no risk of getting sand all over your buttocks.


VW Folding Lounger Beach Mat

Let’s face it, sun loungers can be a little cumbersome to carry. This folding lounger beach mat follows the same principle but is lightweight and compact for easy transportation. Like a cross between a towel and a lounger, it has a padded mat to lie down on when you’re catching some rays but with a reclining backrest to sit up when you’re reading, chatting or enjoying an ice-cream. 


VW Camping Chairs 

VW Single-Skin 2-Man Pop-Up Tent

Pop-up tents are a top choice for summer festivals. They can be popped up and pegged down in less than five minutes and are just as easy to pack away when the festival is over. With its Volkswagen T2 campervan design, you’ll have no problem spotting it amongst the sea of other tents when you’re staggering back after a night of revelry.


VW Double-Skin 2-Man Pop-Up Tent

  An upgrade on the Volkswagen Single-Skin 2-Man Pop-Up Tent, this deluxe version has a double-skin design for greater rain protection. It also boasts a porch at the front to store dirty boots and other belongings. Like the single-skin tent, it’s easy to set up and pack away. It can sleep two people but provides sensational comfort if you’re camping on your own.