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What to Take to a Festival? – Everything You Need For Music Events

So it’s Spring already and Summer is approaching faster and faster like where did the last few months go? I’m pretty sure it was Christmas yesterday. Either way it’s coming up to that time of the year again where everyone starts to get excited for the upcoming festivals, but that can leave you stuck wondering what to pack for a festival.

Do you ever ask yourself what to take to a festival? If so, we at This Is It thought it would be a good idea to put together a little festival checklist to help you guys survive the booze mosh pits across the country. Our list will feature top tips and products to get your through the festival season. Whether it’s Bestival, BoomTown, Boardmasters or smaller festivals such as Chagstock and Leopallooza this guide will help you get through the weekend in one piece.

Festivals are a weird and wonderful place full of happy people and good music but that doesn’t mean it brings all good vibes. My 2nd year at Boardmaster’s was rained off, there was a riot with police at Nass Festival and my 3rd year at Leopallooza was like trenching around in a swamp. So with all the good vibes can come some unexpected turn of events so it’s best to be prepared for the unlikely. Remember you’re in a field with up to 10,000+ other people you don’t know.

To start I will be listing everything you need and why. Luckily our online shop This Is It Stores based in the South West stocks everything you need to be prepared; all at discounted prices. So by the time festival season comes you shall be king… or queen festival goer.


 #1 A Highly Waterproof Tent

Seems obvious I know, but do you know what to look for when buying a tent? The first most important thing to look out for is the Hydrostatic Head; this is the rainfall resistance and is usually measured in millimetres anything with 2000mm and above is good; this will hold off most shower. If you get one with under 2000mm and it rains heavily then you’re very likely to get wet along with everything else in the tent.

Our Trail Bracken 2 man tent featured below has a Hydro-static head of 3000mm so you're safe with us. As well as two man tents we also a wide range of other sizes from pop-up tents to large family tents and even inflatable tents. If you're looking for a ultra waterproof, cheap 2 room tent then our Trail Hartland would be the perfect option of choice.

Weatherproof 3000mm Festival Tent


#2 Tent Pegs

Extra tent pegs is always a good idea because you’re in a field full of drunken idiots who find anything interesting and tent pegs seem to be an object of choice so make sure you’ve always got some spare because no one wants their disassociative tent to start thinking it's a parachute.

 Summit Screw In Tent Pegs


#3 Rubber Mallet

Stamping in tent pegs with your hands and feet is fine but when the sun is scorching hot and the ground hardens in to a metamorphic rock hands and feet get hurt, so it's wise to bring a mallet. Rubber Mallet for Tent Pegs


#4 Tent Peg Remover

Just like it’s hard to put pegs in, it’s also just as hard to get them out so this handy tool will solve that problem.

 Trail Tent Peg Remover


#5 Luminous Guy Rope

Something I wish everyone at a festival would use. Because when you’re blindly drunk at 2am in the morning it’s like dodging lasers during a bank robbery making your way through the tents. So if you come equipped with a glow in the dark rope you’ll easily find your tent and avoid tripping.

Glow In The Dark Rope


#6 Portable Shower

Leave this wonderful piece of equipment filled with water in the sun throughout the day and you’ll be getting a lovely hot shower similar to something you would get at a 5* Hilton residence. But in all seriousness though the shower queues at festivals are long and I mean long so having your own portable shower is a necessity. Or if you're accustomed to using the on site showers which most festivals do accommodate for then this little beauty could possibly double up as a cool beer bong; but that's just a suggestion.

  Trail Portable Shower 20L


#7 Camping Lantern

A bare necessity, because finding things with a blurry drunken vision at night is extremely hard. Plus at this price why would you not?

 Trail Camping Lantern


#8 Easy Wee Female Urination 

For the women, or men as well if you're in to that sort of thing, as you may or may not know the toilet facilities at a festival event are not up to the gleaming standards you may expect. One year at Boardmaster's I opened the portaloo to find a mountain range of faeces with a shoe on top; I guess someone wanted to own the landmark. But either way the toilets can get pretty grim so being a girl it's probably best to pee like a man.

SheeWee girl's body extension 


#9 Sleeping Bag

Beer jackets aside, it can still get cold during the night so a sleeping bag is essential; we live in Britain remember!

 Thick 300g Single Sleeping Bag

#10 Self Inflating Camping Mat

Festival grounds have taken a beaten over the last decade which makes for an uncomfortable ground. The self-inflating mat solves this problem with a comfy memory foam interior and polyester exterior. These mats are light and come with a carry bag making for easy manoeuvrability. We have 3cm camping mats, 5cm self-inflating pads and 10cm extra thick mats, single and double, click the image below to check out our super thick version:

 Trail 10cm Thick Self Inflating Mat


#11 Ultra-light Camping Chair

Not the most important thing as you should be up and dancing but it's definitely a luxury whilst your there the trusty old camping chair.

Camping chairs can be a bane to carry from the car to the grounds which is why we’ve sourced a 1kg chair which folds up in to a tiny carry bag. Making it super easy to lug around when finding the right spot to camp.


Ultra-light Camping Chair 1kg


#12 Solar Powered Portable Charger / Power Bank

Last but not least... It's the 21st century and phones are barely able to last an entire day let alone a whole weekend. So we have sourced a solar powered portable charger so you've got power on demand; this little beauty could be a life saver! Works as a solar charger and features an in car charger to power the battery block.

Portable Solar Phone Charger & Power Bank



#13 Collapsible Festival Cart Trolley

 Ever found yourself queuing up at a festival with your alcohol, 10 different outfits and all your camping equipment because walking back to the car is not an option? I have. Carrying all your equipment can become quite a tiresome feat especially with the long queues and large camping areas at festivals which is why we've sourced a Festival Cart Trolley.

This is trolley has a weight capacity of 70kg so plenty enough for a large tent, some alcohol and all your other bit and bobs. The cart also features all terrain wheels which is makes for great grip and use on other outings such as trips to the beach. 

Once you've used your festival trolley you could even rent it out to people at the festival because not everyone's going to be as smart as you.

 Trolley for Festivals and Beach Trips