The Perfect Set-up for Small Gardens

Welcome to our first blog on gardening. If you have been wondering what to do with your small garden then you have come to right place. Having a small garden can leave you not wanting to bother with starting your delightful Daisy patch or cultivating home grown Chilli’s for cooking. This is why we have put together a list of gardening equipment and storage solutions that will suit any size garden.

The main focus of this blog is on people living in densely populated areas where they may have a little garden and not much grassland. It can be a pain wondering what to do with your concrete garden so below we offer a few solutions to keep your equipment safe, flowers planted and your garden looking as beautiful as ever. 

Even if you have a huge garden then you may still find some of these products and flower suggestions useful; so happy reading!

Christow Garden Sentry Shed

To begin with you are going to want somewhere to store all your equipment safely. This is why we have sourced a delightful looking sentry shed which is available in 4 different bright colours that will perfectly accommodate any garden colour scheme. Although this is a small shed, inside still offers plenty of room to store the basics needed for gardening such as a strimmer, bags of soil, pots, secateurs and whatever else you may need to garden.

Blue Slimline Sentry Shed


Christow Compact Potting Table

Secondly you’re going to want somewhere to get messy and germinate your seeds. Our Christow Compact Potting Table will help you do exactly that! This potting table is only 77 centimetres wide with a depth of 37 centimetres so pretty small but will still leave you enough room for working on and there’s pot storage on top on or on the two shelves below. The potting table also comes with hooks on the side making your forks and spades easily accessible whilst you’re putting together your pots.

Once you have germinated your plants and they’re starting to sprout and grow roots they will eventually outgrow your pots, at this point you will then need to find them a new home. You are going to want their home to be as beautiful as they are so we have listed some items below to give you guys a few ideas and options on how to store your plants once they have passed their pre-flowering stage.

Potting Table for Small Garden


Wishing Well Flower Planter

The wishing well planter would make a fantastic corner piece. This planter has total height of 100cm and a diameter of 48cm so it's a perfect size for a small garden area. The planter even has imitation drop down bucket on chain and spindle which offers a sense of realism.

The mini bucket is great for small flowers such as the Clemantis Marmoraria which is small in height and grows in partial sunlight. In the wishing compartment you have plenty of space for planting which would be great for shrubery or larger colourful flower schemes.

Wooden Wishing Well Flower Planter


Small Wheelbarrow Planter

This is planter is perfect for small flowers such as Pansies (no not that kind of pansy) Pansies are a small beautiful purple and yellow flower. Other flowers that would be perfect for this kind of planter would be Roses, Tulips and Zinnias which is a luminous bright red flower with a yellow style, just like roses there are many different species of this same plant and they come in an array of bright and vibrant colours from orange to purple.

Wheelbarrow Garden Planter


Hanging Rope Basket

Hanging Rope Baskets are a great way to save to space especially when you have a small garden. The only bane of purchasing a hanging basket is the fact you have to do a bit of leg work before you can use it. But is that even much bother when they add so much style and vibrancy to a doorway or gateway?

For hanging baskets we recommend using colourful drooping plants such as Fuchsias these were first discovered in the Caribbean come in a variety of colour our favourite in the Pink and Purple which gives off an almost perfume like fragrance which is bliss.

Wicker Effect Hanging Basket


Trough Window Planter

The trough planter by Kingfisher is great if you are very limited for space or have no garden at all as these can be mounted on a window ledge. They're perfect if you live in a flat block and would like a bit of nature near you. Before buying this planter you will need to check the length of the window where you would like it placed, it has a length of 61cm which should fit most windows but it’s always best to double check. With this planter only having a depth of 23cm you will need to be careful in your flower choice as you don’t want something that can easily outgrow it and weight it down.

We recommend a small cluster flower such as Lobelia's also known as 'Richard Blue' or 'Cambridge Blue' these are a lovely fragant blue colour with green fooliage which is realy excentuated throughout the spring and summer months. Another great choice for this kind of planter would be a Diascia which is a beautiful light purple / pink flower. Both of these flowers will need to be trimmed right to get the best results so before going ahead make sure you do your research.

Kingfisher Garden Trough Planter for Window

Now that you have all your growing equipment and storage ready, you are now going to want the tools to set up and start growing your wonderful garden flower array. We have a lot of gardening equipment from Watering Cans and Pots to Secateurs and Hoses; all at very low prices. Head on over to our gardening category by following the hyperlinked text above.