Best Places to SUP Board Devon & Cornwall

We thought it would be a good idea to follow on from our last blog, The UK's Next Big Summer Watersport, by showcasing some cool spots throughout Devon and Cornwall where the water is calm enough to paddle board. Many of the locations are places we’ve been to – not necessarily to paddle board, but for other leisure activities and water sports. If SUP boarding isn't your thing, we’re sure you’ll find something else to do. In the market for a SUP Board or Kayak? Head on over to our Paddle Board and Kayak's category.

We'll start the list further down the country and work our way up to Devon. So, without further ado, our number one place to go is...


Pont Creek River Fowey - Cornwall

The reason I’ve put Pont Creek at number one is because it was a place I used to fish when I was younger. The water is always still there and there’s Mullet everywhere (you can almost grab them with your hands). Not only that, but the scenery is indescribable. Pont Creek is located along the river Fowey as it meanders to the right, entering the Cornish coast before reaching a place called Lanteglos.

The actual place I am talking about isn't available to search on Google maps but is relatively easy to find if you search "Lanteglos-by-fowey Parish".  Simply drive along the river and park up anywhere along the river bank. If you're looking for an abundance of wildlife, a tranquil atmosphere and calm water to cruise on, then this is the place to go.

River Fowey Pont Lanteglos


Kynance Cove, Cornwall

One of my favourite in this list, Kynance Cove. Located in the more southerly regions of the South West, this beautiful bay boasts tranquil and calm waters that are sure to amaze anyone. It looks though as though someone has shipped over a caribbean island and dropped it down in Cornwall. If you live down towards the land ends then you're in luck and can paddle board to your hearts content in this impeccable bay. If you're unlucky like us up here in Devon then it's going to be a long drive down but one that would definitely be worth it.

Kynance Cove is owned by the National Trust and offers parking nearby which is great if you have a load of paddle boarding equipment to carry. There is even a little cafe nearby as well, so if your thirst needs quenching from all the paddling that's not a problem. This cove is very easy to find just pump in 'Kynance Cove' in to Google Maps or your Sat Nav and it should come straight up.

Kynance Cove near Lands End Cornwall


Lantic Bay Polruan - Cornwall

Lantic Bay is only a few miles away from Pont Creek. The bay is beautiful beyond belief with calm, tranquil water making it a perfect spot for paddle boarding. The only downside to the bay is that it’s a fair old walk, but boy is it worth it. Lantic bay is about a mile from the nearest car park which is in a nearby village called Polruan. From there you will need to take a coastal path to reach it. If you're a lover of scenery and you’re keen to get on your SUP, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Lantic Bay Polruan Cornwall


Salcombe Batson Creek - Devon

Located further East in the County of Devon, Salcombe is a small town in South Hams at the start of the Kingsbridge Estuary. Salcombe offers everything you'd expect from a small coastal town: a harbour, plenty of boats, traditional coastal houses, water sport equipment to hire, and lots of places to eat. But that's not why we're going, we want to paddle board! Salcombe harbour may be a little tricky to paddle board as there are lots of boats around the area and there's also a bit of a current.

As a result, we suggest travelling to the other side of Salcombe towards Batson. Here you’ll find Batson Creek, which is located on a meandering right, just away from the harbour. The water is calm at Batson Creek and you’ll find lots of beautiful scenery to admire.

Salcombe Devon - Batson Creek


Bowcombe Creek - Devon

Along the A379 near Kingsbridge you’ll come across a bridge called New Bridge. It’s here that Bowcombe Creek is located. As you can see from the picture, Bowcombe Creek has a bank running alongside the river which makes it easy to get in and out whilst using your paddle board. We chose this location because it's relatively quiet with plenty of wildlife and scenery to take in. If you’re looking for a easy and relaxing calm river paddle, then this is the spot to go.

Bowcombe Devon


Venford Reservoir - Devon

Venford Reservoir is located on Dartmoor between Princetown and Ashburton. The reservoirs boasts a lot of scenery and is also permitted to fish on between March and October, making it perfect for a spot of paddle board fishing. The reservoir is home to brown trout and is free to fish on if you have a license. With picnic tables and toilet facilities also on location, it’s a great sot for a family outing. I could go on about the natural beauty of the place but I’ll let the picture do the talking. Venford rightly deserves its place at number 5.

Venford Reservoir Devon Dartmoor