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If you cross blend Surfing and Kayaking what do you get? Paddle boarding that’s what! So what is SUP boarding (Stand Up Paddle Boarding)? and where did it come from?

SUP Boarding has been flowing into retail stores and surf shops around the country making it one of the fastest growing water sports in the UK according to OnTheWater. The sport is enjoyed using an inflatable, extra wide board with a length similar to a large surf board making it a lot easier to balance on than a surfboard.

According to SUP World Magazine the earliest European account of paddle boarding dates back to 1771 when Captain James Cook was sailing the Hawaiian Islands he saw locals on Koa tree carved boards.

Due to the width and length of the board, paddle surfing has become more widely recognised as a hobby sport although it still has competitive events for the more extreme sportsman. The competitive nature of this sport lies more in distance and endurance than fancy tricks with races down here in the South West and all over the rest of the country, all the way up to Scotland.

Because the paddle board is a lot wider than a normal surf board this makes it easier for non-sportsmen / women to get a feel of the water from a surfer’s perspective.

Down here in Devon on the calm coast in Torbay we see 100’s of people over the summer, all ages and genders paddling around the bay on their boards but the sea isn’t the only place you can use a paddle board. They also work great on reservoirs, lakes and calm rivers.

The London Evening Standard says “SUP is the world’s fastest growing watersport” with famous fans including... Cameron Diaz, Tom Hanks, Piers Brosnan and Rihanna all joining in on the new craze!

If Rihanna’s SUP boarding it must be cool right?

Rihanna SUP Paddle Boarding

Although the sport hasn’t become a UK nationwide success as of yet, the numbers of riders are continuing to rise as well as the clubs offering training and support when starting out.

Here’s a list of the some clubs throughout the country:

*Prices as of March 2017*

These are just a few of the ever growing clubs from across the country. If you want to join the hype then why not purchase a SUP Board for yourself.




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  • Dimensions L10’ x W32” x D4” with weight capacity of 95kg (209Lbs)