Crazy Aaron’s Illusions Thinking Putty – Super Scarab

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Crazy Aaron’s Illusions Thinking Putty – Super Scarab
Crazy Aaron's Putty World Super Scarab Putty Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Super Illusions Super Scarab Crazy Aaron’s Super Scarab Thinking Putty Purple
Crazy Aaron's Putty World Super Scarab Putty

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    Key Features

  • Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty magically shifts its colour
  • Colour-shifting illusion caused when putty reflects light
  • Shifting colours inspired by scarab beetle’s exoskeleton
  • Large tin includes 1/5lb of stretchable, mouldable putty
  • Play with the putty to relieve stress and help you focus

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Product Description

Product Description

Crazy Aaron’s Illusions Thinking Party can be stretched, sculpted, bounced, and shifts colour right before your eyes. The illusion is a result of thin-film interference, a process caused by light waves that are reflected and refracted by the putty’s structurally complex coating.

The putty is inspired by the scarab beetle which was used for amulets and jewellery in ancient Egyptian culture. To the ancient Egyptians, its colour-shifting exoskeleton – which mirrors light in tones of purple, blue, red and copper – appeared magical and beyond the powers of man.

About Thinking Putty

Thinking Putty is a silicone-based putty that never dries out. Nontoxic and safe to use, it can be stretched, kneaded, twisted and moulded to relieve stress throughout the day. It’s great for keeping on your desk and playing around with whenever you need some inspiration.

Features & Specifications

  • Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
  • Illusions Super Scarab design
  • Made in the USA by Crazy Aaron
  • 1/5lb of putty in large storage tin
  • Shifts its colour right before your eyes
  • Stretch it, knead it, twist it and more
  • Nontoxic and safe for kids to use
  • Specially formulated to never dry out
  • Suitable for ages 8 years and over