PROlectrix 1200W Oscillating Halogen Heater

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PROlectrix 1200W Oscillating Halogen Heater
Oscillating Halogen Heater 1200W PROlectrix Halogen Heater 1200W New Portable Halogen Electric Heater 400w/800w/1200w
Oscillating Halogen Heater 1200W
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    Key Features

  • Halogen heater with 3 heat settings 400W / 800W / 1200W
  • Oscillating function to distribute heat to a wider surface area
  • Overheat protection, cut-out safety device and tip-over switch
  • Lightweight with carry handle to transport from room to room
  • Compact portable heater size: L31cm x W10cm x H51.5cm

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Product Description

Product Description

Oscillating halogen heater by PROlectrix

This halogen heater by PROlectrix provides instant heat to rapidly warm a room. Unlike a fan heater, it operates in complete silence to eliminate noise disturbance. This makes it a great heater for a home office or bedroom. The heater also oscillates to distribute heat to a wider surface area. A handle allows you to easily carry it around and heat up any room you’re using.

3 heat settings for temperature control

The heater has buttons to easily control the amount of heat it produces. Press one button for 400W, two for 800W, and three for 1200W. You can increase the temperature to heat up a room more quickly and then reduce the temperature once a room has sufficiently warmed up. For safety, the heater has overheat protection, a thermal cut-out device and tip-over switch.

Most cost-effect type of electric heater

The halogen heater contains three infrared halogen elements which produce a great deal of light when switched on. This light is converted into radiant heat, which makes them very cheap to run. Heaters with fans or electric coils require a lot more power to generate any heat. A protective grill on the front of the heater offers protection from the heated elements inside it.

Features & Specifications

  • 1200W Oscillating Halogen Heater
  • Designed by electronic brand PROlectrix
  • 3 heat settings: 400W / 800W / 1200W
  • Wide angle oscillating function to distribute heat
  • Easily manage heat distribution and temperature
  • Overheat protection and thermal safety cut-out device
  • Tip-over switch to shut device off if it falls over
  • Protective metal grill covering infrared halogen bars
  • Ergonomic sturdy base to keep it secure and stable
  • Handle to easily carry from room to room
  • Dimensions (cm): L31 x W10 x H51.5