Large Interlocking Soft Foam Kids Play Mats (4 Mats)

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Large Interlocking Soft Foam Kids Play Mats (4 Mats)
Large Interlocking Foam Mats 4 Pack Foam Play Mats Pack of 4 Kids Play Mats Soft Foam Kids Play Mats Large Interlocking Soft Foam Play Mats Core Balance EVA Foam Floor Mats Soft EA Foam Mats from Core Balance Non-slip Textured Surface Floor Mats
Large Interlocking Foam Mats
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Alev Orman - a month ago
the title says 4pack (when you scroll down, you see that 16mats/4packs. So I though I will receive 16mats. Received only 4mats. I contacted This is Store, they only responded my first email and said that I ordered 1pack. and my second email never responded. Poor description, poor communication. The item is ok but I would never buy from this store again.
Tracey Willoughby - a month ago
Efficient service and product just as I had hoped for. Did a lot of comparisons for prices and this came out the cheapest. Product was for my son's toy room and it's perfect.
Helen J - 12 months ago
Excellent product.perfect for the kids room

    Key Features

  • Interlocking EVA foam mats with removable edges (4 mats per pack)
  • Mats measure 60cm x 60cm with 1cm thickness for superior cushioning
  • Soft foam made from non-toxic materials for children to safely play on
  • Non-slip textured surface is water-resistant, quick-drying, easy to clean
  • 4 mats (1 pack) covers an area up to 16 square feet / 1.44 square metres

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Product Description

Product Description

Create a safe and comfortable space for children to play with ths pack of 4 EVA foam play mats. Made from close-celled EVA foam with a non-slip textured surface, the brightly coloured mats measure 60cm x 60cm with a depth of 1cm for superior cushioning and softness.

Ideal for nurseries, playrooms and bedrooms

As any parent knows, children are prone to tumbling over when they’re playing. Foam mats provide a safe surface for them to play on, reducing the risk of bumps and grazes. They’re great for playrooms, nurseries and other rooms with hard flooring where children like to play.

Why use Core Balance EVA Floor Mats?

  • Extra-thick 1cm EVA foam is shock-absorbent, comfortable and safe to play on.
  • EACH PACK INCLUDES 4 x EVA FOAM MATS (4 mats per pack)
  • Made from non-toxic materials (ammonia and phthalates free).
  • Protects floors from damage (use under swing sets and other equipment).
  • Insulates cold surfaces (ideal for garages and utility rooms).
  • Interlocking edges easily fit together (no adhesive needed for installation).
  • Interlocking edges allow you to expand your flooring space.
  • Removable straight edges provide a tidy finish (ideal for walls and corners).
  • EVA foam can be trimmed to any size (can be customised to fit any space).
  • Textured non-slip surface provides superior grip.
  • EVA foam is water-resistant, quick-drying and easy to clean.
  • Use under an inflatable pool to protect surrounding area from getting slippery.
  • Can be used as child safety mats under trampolines and play equipment.
  • 4 brightly coloured mats included per pack (red, yellow, green and blue).

EVA flooring size guide

The following is a guide to how many mats are required to fill a room. Should you wish to fill a space smaller than the size range stated, you can easily trim the mats down to size. Measurements are approximate and listed in square feet and metres for easy reference.

  • 4 mats (1 pack) – up to 16 square feet / 1.44 square metres
  • 8 mats (2 packs) – up to 32 square feet / 2.88 square metres
  • 12 mats (3 packs) – up to 48 square feet / 4.32 square metres
  • 16 mats (4 packs) – up to 64 square feet / 5.76 square metres
  • 20 mats (5 packs) – up to 80 square feet / 7.2 square metres
  • 24 mats (6 packs) – up to 96 square feet / 8.64 square metres
  • 28 mats (7 packs) – up to 112 square feet / 10.08 square metres
  • 32 mats (8 packs) – up to 128 square feet / 11.52 square metres
  • 36 mats (9 packs) – up to 144 square feet / 12.96 square metres
  • 40 mats (10 packs) – up to 160 square feet / 14.4 square metres

Each mat measures 60cm x 60cm x 1cm

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