Basketball & Netball Stands (9)

I bet you didn't know Basketball was invented over 100 years ago (1891) in Springfield by a Canadian PE teacher in order to create a safer, less injury prone alternative to American Football then only a year after came the invention of Netball which was created as a Woman's alternative to Basketball. The first official Basketball game was held as an exhibition match during the 1904 Olympics. If you would like to get fit and have fun then buy a netball or basketball stand by Jump Star. We have a huge range of basketball hoops for sale, including height-adjustable models. We also have pro-sized models for kids who dream of being the next Magic Johnson. Struggling to find what you were looking for in this category? Then try one of our other fabulous sporting categories Garden GamesCycling & AccessoriesRollerskatesSkateboards, Scooters & Accessories and Trampolines