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Scootering is becoming more and more of a mainstream sport by the day. Did you know that the first foldable razor scooter was created by a man named Gino Tsai who worked for JD Corp. as a Mechanical Engineer and was deisgned to reduce costs and save money for the business but the initial process took 5 years to complete according to Our scooters are great fun for kids to whizz around on. We sell stunt scooters, folding scooters, tri scooters and micro scooters by top brands as well as accessories to customise your ride. You’ll also find the best-selling self balance hover boards, which have been tried and tested to the highest standards and UK regulations. Unable to find what you're look for then maybe you're in the wrong category try Garden GamesCycling & AccessoriesRollerskates, SkateboardsBasketball Hoops and Trampolines