Fizzy Dizzy The Prosecco Party Game

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Fizzy Dizzy The Prosecco Party Game
Fizzy Dizzy Prosecco Ping Pong Game

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    Key Features

  • Fizzy Dizzy is the ultimate prosecco party game for 2 or more players
  • Bounce the ping pong balls into the opposing teams prosecco glasses
  • Spin the spinner or pick a card depending on the game you’re playing
  • Follow the rules to determine how many glasses of prosecco to drink
  • Comes with 12 glasses, 6 ping pong balls, 1 spinner, 1 deck of cards

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Product Description

Product Description

There ain’t no party like a prosecco party and Fizzy Dizzy is just the game to get the party started. The ultimate 20-piece prosecco party kit comes with everything you need to play two fun party games. All you need to bring to the party are a couple of bottles. Each game involves a bit of skill, a little luck and lots of prosecco, making it a great laugh to play over Christmas.

Playing Fizzy Dizzy

Split yourself into two teams of one or more players. Each team sets out their 6 prosecco glasses in a pyramid – just like skittles on a bowling alley. Teams then take turns bouncing a ping pong ball into the opposing team’s glasses. Think Beer Pong with prosecco! If the ball lands in a glass, spin the spinner or pick a card depending on which game you’re playing.

Spinner Game

If the shooters successfully lands a ball in one of the opposing team’s glasses, the opposing team’s player must spin the spinner and follow the instructions on the segment that the arrow lands on. Instructions include ‘drink two drinks’, whereby the opposing player has to drink two glasses of prosecco, and ‘whole team to drink’, whereby the whole of their team has to drink.

Card Game

If the shooter lands the ball in one of the opposing team’s glasses, the opposing player must pick the top card from the deck, turn it over and follow the rules according to the instructions included. For example, an ‘Ace’ excuses the player from drinking, ‘5 to 10’ requires them to down their prosecco in one, and ‘Joker’ requires both the shooter and the player to drink.

Winning the Game

Whenever a player is required to drink a glass of prosecco, the glass is removed from the game. The team that removes all of the opposing team’s glasses first is the winner. You can opt to fill the prosecco glasses with prosecco before you play or you can use separate glasses for the penalty drinks. Not only is it a great game for parties, but it’s perfect for hen-dos too!

Contents & Specifications

  • 12 prosecco glasses
  • 6 pink ping pong balls
  • 1 spinner wheel
  • 1 pack of playing cards
  • A game for adults only
  • Please drink responsibly

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