About This Is It Stores

 Our Philosophy

Whether you’re buying furniture for your home, toys for the kids, or treats for yourself, we know how important it is to have money left-over for the long, hard month ahead. By offering you top products at unbeatable prices, we like to think we leave you with more money in your pocket to spend on life’s little pleasures and those all-important, every day essentials.

 Our History

Since opening our first high-street store over 20 years ago, we’ve striven to bring you ever-better products at ever-better prices. In the years following the opening of our flagship store, we opened several other stores across the West Country selling a variety of products across a wide range of departments. Our products proved so popular that we decided to open our arms up to the country as a whole. In 2010, our online store was born.

 Our Brands

As our online store has expanded, so too has the range of products we sell. In addition to buying products from established brands, our buying team has branched out into designing products exclusively for This Is It Stores. Our own brand products are meticulously tested before going online to ensure they’re of the highest standard. Our camping range, Trail, has grown into one of the biggest online outdoor leisure brands. We also have our own range of home furniture (Christow), children’s ride-ons (RideStar), children’s toys (ToyStar), fitness gear (Core Balance), sports equipment (JumpStar) and solar lights (Lightware).

What customers have said about us?


"Execellent All Round!"

"I was sceptical at first as I had no previous experience of this seller or knew of anyone who had. The price of the item ( air bed) was very low compared to other sellers of the same item. However I was very pleased to receive it as promised and exactly as advertised. I will not hesitate to shop here again in future. Great service and great price."

Sarah Dixon

"Awesome service and delivery."

"Ordered an air bed that was a great brand but half the price and they delivered to a campsite 6 miles off lands end and texted to let let me know when it was coming. Couldn't have asked for more excellent service will definitely buy from here again."

"Brilliant beach chairs."

"I ordered two low beach chairs. They were on offer and they are a bargain. They are low to the ground and very comfortable and don't cut into the backs of your legs like the deckchairs do. We haven't tried them out at the beach yet but I can't wait to sit in mine. They also come in there easy to carry bag and there so light in weight as well. A real gem of a find."